On a Friday, mom and I drove all the way to city of Uiwang in Gyeonggi-do province to visit my grandmother.  It is about a 1.5 hour drive from Daejeon but on our way back an accident on highway and local traffic combined has caused us to stay on road for nearly three hours.  Driving in Korea is a frustrating task and I do not try to drive unless I really have to.   When we got back in Daejeon my stress level was reaching for its cap.  As a compensation for my service, mom led me to a place where she believes that I can regain my strength.

Chakhan Nakji is a restaurant chain that specialized in cooking long arm octopus.  A small octopus with long and slender legs, Nakji is a Korean delicacy that is often consumed raw when it is still fresh and alive.  The exotic sea creature is known for effectively rejuvenating stamina.  There are various dishes made with long arm octopus but the most popular at Chakhan Nakji would be seafood pizza and spicy octopus with rice.



The pizza is enormous.  Bigger than any X-large size pizza that I have seen in my life.  The thick dough is filled with sliced vegetables and topped with bite-size seafood toppings including chopped long-arm octopus.  The crunchiness suggests that the whole thing was fried in a deep pan of oil.  Seafood pancakes that I make at home is more chewy and soft on the inside but at Chakhan Nakji the humongous pizza is crispy, crunchy, and nutty.