A comfort food brings warmth to your heart and belly wherever you are in the world.  In my hometown of Daejeon, South Korea, I am exploring hidden jems where the true masters practice the art of Korean home cuisine.  The small joint that I visited today sure looked like it was built ages ago.  The writings on the front sign has faded away and mom and I almost missed the place because the name of the restaurant was barely legible.

Yeo Su Daek (여수댁) is a humble neighborhood diner that has been serving nearby residents for years.  Only few dishes are available on the menu and you can easily tell that each of them are classic Korean home meal.  Chondaeji Chigae is the one that was suggested by the owner and that is what we went with.  The spicy stew is made with gochujang broth and filled with bite-size vegetables and pork meat.  I often make this chigae at home but the one I tried at Yeo Su Daek was more spicy and a bit salty for my taste.  But all in all, the stew that was served in a large hot pot was definitely filling on a cold winter day.



Out of several ordinary side dishes, the omelet sure stood out with its size and appearance.  It was like a thick egg pancake with chopped veggie.  I realized that maybe the omelet is served along with the hot pot as it helps to relieve the spicy flavor of the soup.  Overall, the food maybe a little too spicy and salty for foreigners but I sure enjoyed the comforting taste and atmosphere.

Yeo Su Daek is located at 103, Wolpyeongsaetteum-ro 4beon-gil, Seo-gu, Daejeon.
It is adjacent to Wolpyeong 1-dong Community Service Center.