Daejeon Hiking Group‘s February 2016 hiking took place in eastern part of the city.  Sikjangsan (식장산) is an easy access from public transit and has several hiking courses that are far from a challenge. Our group on Sunday had beginning hikers so it was a perfect opportunity to try out this neighborhood mountain.



The lookout point 독수리봉 (Eagle Peak) is only 586m above sea level.  We planned a roughly 9km route that wraps around the mountain over two mildly-high summits.  However, to our surprise it began to snow as we approached the peak and along with it the wind grew stronger.  In the end, instead of finishing a loop we decided to abandon the second peak and just head down back the way we came up.


Naively thinking that the spring is upon us, we were shivering our way up through the frozen pine trees when we stumbled across a shelter. A vinyl tent that looked rather vulnerable from outside actually turned out to be very cozy and reliable once we stepped inside. We took care of our snacking break in the tent with several other elder hikers. Just as most Korean hikers, these pros prepared everything for their perfect meal in the mountain – portable burner, pot, ramen and of course big plastic bag of kimchi.


Sikjangsan is known for one of the best views of the city. Unfortunately, the foggy air clouded our vision but we were still able to catch a glimpse of east Daejeon.