Duration: July 1~3, 2016
Distance: About 80km
Sokcho Bus Terminal ->  Gangreung Express Bus Terminal
Bike Path: Donghaean bike path (동해안 자전거길)

On the first day of July my sister and I took our bikes to Sokcho, a small city on northeastern coast of South Korea. It is now famous for being one of the only few places in the country where you can catch a Pokemon. Thankfully, we got to enjoy the coastal city as it is before all the digital hype took over the place. Our trip began on a Friday morning of Canada day. The intercity bus bound to Sokcho leaves from Yuseong Intercity Bus Terminal at 10:30am.


The bus ride takes about 3 hours and stops over at number of places including Wonju and Bongpyeong. We finally arrived at our destination only to be greeted by the grey sky that began to pour.


Yep. We saw the rain in the forecast so brought one of those $1 raincoats from daiso which came quite handy. We didn’t plan to ride much on Friday anyway – just needed to get to the guesthouse from the bus terminal.

Accommodation in Sokcho: The House Hostel



I booked the guesthouse at the last minute and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend The House Hostel if you’re traveling Sokcho or nearby Gangwondo area including Seoraksan. English-speaker friendly and the owner is very kind and helpful. Clean and cozy with colourful atmosphere.

Places to Eat: Sokcho Jungang Market




The market made this port city famous for Korean-style sweet and sour chicken. But this place is not all just about chicken. If you’re an ambitious foodie, try North-Korean-style sundae or traditional steamed sausage.


The sun came out the next morning and it’s time to start riding! Just like other 4-river bike paths in Korea, the eastcoast bike path is lined with blue paint. As you ride you’ll notice some parts of the path are disconnected but if you look closely there should be blue arrows marking the way.


Goobye, Sokcho! ‘Til the next time



Riding the East Coast

The best part about the bike trip in Gangwondo was the most beautiful bike path along the sea. Despite the storm in the forecast the weather was amazing all day on Saturday and it was a perfect day to ride.




Riding in sandals was a baaad idea.  What was I thinking?



My sister is visiting from Toronto and she does not have a bike here in Korea. To join me on this trip she bought a hybrid a few days before the departure. However, this brand new bicycle almost came apart when it lost its front quick release lever. The sister had no idea when the part came off and we couldn’t find it anywhere.  So I ran over to nearby fishing shop and grabbed fishing line to tie up the wheel for emergency measure until we get to a bike shop in Yangyang. Improvise!


A quick snack at convenience store after fixing the bike in downtown Yangyang.


A beautiful path leading to Yangyang. The big sis is happy with her bike fully maintained and ready to go again.

Sashimi at Susan Port


The late lunch happened at a small port called Susan (수산항). The raw squid we had here was one of the best things we ate during this trip. We still had kms to go but we had to share a bottle of soju with such delicacy.

More on our lunch at Susan Port