Located at southeast of Seoul, Icheon, Gyeonggi-do is famous for their rice cultivation. When we drove up to visit a friend I thought it’d be a good opportunity to try one of the restaurants serving rice and side dishes. But instead, we ended up on a narrow country road in which our GPS led us. There stood a little shaggy place with a sign saying that they serve food. Not just any kind of food but their speciality: fish soup with noodles.

Mudfish soup with noodles inside

I have had mudfish soup (chueo-tang, 추어탕) before in Namwon, Jeolla-do. The soup is so popular there that they had a little town dedicated to it. The slimy freshwater fish are cleaned, cooked, then blended to become a thick soup base. Various seasoning and vegetables are added to enhance flavour.  In Namwon, I had a bowl of soup with rice but here there is an option to add thick flour noodles instead.

A tiny place in the middle of nowhere

I am a fan of fish soups (or any kind of soup for that matter) so I had quite a high expectation as the hot pot filled with two servings of soup came out. I enjoyed how thick the soup was. As you boil the soup on the portable stove it will get thicker so if you don’t want the soup to thicken up too much then might want to reduce the heat while you’re eating. I would have added a rice to the soup as well if I wasn’t so full. The soup was thick, hearty, and very filling.