The island of Jeju is famous for its wide range of seafood, but its unique breed of pig heukdaeji is also popular among locals and visitors alike. Along with the famous heukdaeji barbecue, another popular pork dish is gogi guksu, noodle soup with thick slices of pork on top.

The initial description may remind you of Japanese tonkotsu ramen, but gogi guksu is quite different–from the broth to the type of noodle they use. In the city of Jeju, there is a block of streets called gogi guksu golmok where the herd of noodle joints are ready to face their patrons.

Of course, each restaurant has their own recipe. One of the well-known noodle places is Golmak Sikdang. It recently appeared on a television show for best noodle restaurant, but the 57-year-old joint had already been popular among locals for decades.

The only thing on the menu is golmak guksu, the restaurant’s own translation for gogi guksu. There’s an option of single serving or double serving–double the amount of meat or noodles. Single serving is enough for most people.

Four slices of pork meat is placed over a bed of thick noodles, submerged in milky broth.  The noodles are not as thick as udon noodles, but thicker than somyeon, the thin noodles mostly found in seolleongtang.

At Golmak, they mix two kinds of broth–pork and anchovy–to create their soup of unique fragrance and flavour. The broth is not as heavy as that of daeji gukbap, a Busan fare made by boiling pork bones and pig’s feet.

The Jeju pork belly barbecue is a tasty delicacy but depends on your travel style it could cost more than your budget and often times the serving size is not fit for solo travelers.  At Golmak, a bowl of hearty noodle soup is priced 6,000 won. A great way to try a pork dish in Jeju.