Biggest Food Alley in Seoul

Gwangjang Market is located right by Jongno 5-ga subway station. It is one of the oldest and largest traditional markets in Seoul. The market’s street food section had been introduced in media many times and it is now one of the most popular tourist attractions.

 The food court is the most crowded part of the market. There is a wide variety of street foods available: fish cakes, stir-fried rice cakes, pancakes, beef tartare, raw octopus, and much more.

There are many stations making pancakes. A big slab of mung bean pancake plus a smaller meat pancake only cost W6,000. Add a bottle of rice wine and it is enough to share between 2~3 people under W10,000. Popular stations such as Sunhee’s Pancakes often have long line-ups.

The market is even busier on a rainy day. There is a saying in Korean that goes “pancakes are for rainy days”. Nearby office workers would stop by at the market to have a drink with pancakes and finish up their long day.

Traditional Bindaeddeok – Mung Bean Pancakes

Mung beans are ground using traditional millstone. It is operated automatically using pulleys so no one has to sit there and grind the beans all day. Freshly ground beans are mixed with bean sprouts, onions, and rice flour to make dough. The dough is ladled with plastic bagaji and fried in corn oil. One side is crispier than the other.

Traditionally, Korean pancakes are paired with makgeolli, Korean rice wine. The greasy pancakes and sour rice wine make a good meal together.