Local Twist on Traditional Comfort Food

Seaweed soup is common homemade meal in South Korea. Traditionally, the soup is cooked and served on birthdays. It was believed that seaweed’s nutritional value benefits the mother after she gave birth. People gifted dried seaweed as a “congratulations” to new mothers, and that became a tradition of having seaweed soup on birthdays.

In Jeju, the food, culture, and overall life style are quite different from that of the mainland’s. Even the ubiquitous seaweed soup is taken to the next level. Uni seaweed soup is a popular local variation and it is not hard to find in Jeju.

Uni and abalone flesh on top

Seogwipo’s Suhui Restaurant is located near Cheonjiyeon Falls in Seogwipo. Like most tourist zone, the area has more than enough restaurants serving traditional and local fare. Suhui was a tiny restaurant opened up in 1992 and made its way up. It is now a huge building overlooking the neighbourhood. One may think the food would not be as good as when they served in a humble structure. But Suhui keeps up with their reputation by continuing to serve traditional Jeju delicacy.

At Suhui, wild seaweed soup is served with sea urchin gonads and abalone meat on top. The bottomless side dishes are as colourful as Jeju. Salted raw squid is marinated in spicy sauce with dried radish. Spicy, salted fish guts with chili has strong odour and flavour that linger in your mouth. Large dried anchovies are stir-fried with sliced garlics. This meal cannot get more local than this.

Suhui Sikdang 수희식당
447 Seogwi-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do