Specialty Coffee House in Downtown Seogwipo

When traveling in Jeju, you want to take things slow. The island itself represents slow lifestyle. Travelers stroll on the Olle Trail. They stop by at a coffee shop to rest their legs. Life on the island goes by slowly but peacefully.

Lee Jung-seop Street

The southern end of the island is city of Seogwipo, the second largest city on the island. The city is home of many great artists from past and present. Famous Korean painter Lee Jung-seob once lived here in a tiny shack. His artworks show many aspects of life on the island, mostly happy memories shared with his family.

You Dong Coffee is located a little south of Lee Jung-seob Street. The small, cozy cafe offers premium roasts and various type of caffeinated drinks. There are plaques of recognition on the wall and on the bar. There is also face of the owner, Jo You-dong, everywhere from the sign to the mug.

The guidebook tells me that this cafe is usually busy, but on a weekday during off-season, I was fortunate to walk in and grab a nice seat out on a patio. One of the employees kindly explained their new products and popular selections. I went for simply cup of hot Americano. They offer three different kind of beans and I went with option C with smooth, nutty flavour.

As I drink my coffee out on the patio, I caught a glimpse of the owner You-dong. It was easy to recognize him with his long, curly hair and mustache. The place also sells its coffee in bags, making a great souvenir. As You-dong suggested, instead of orange-flavoured chocolate, how about some gourmet coffee for your loved ones?

W1500 per a pack of You Dong’s blend

유동커피 You Dong Coffee
581-4 Seogwi-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do