Traditional Korean Mung Bean Pancakes at House of Train

Yeolchajib is not just an ordinary pancake place, it is one of the few surviving restaurants from pimatgol, a lost alley in Seoul. Pimatgol is the name given to a narrow back alley in Jongno back in Joseon Dynasty. Back then, the nobles would ride their horses or carriages on the main Jongno

Korean Vegan Cooking: Pan-Fried Julienne Fries

I remember school lunches from my childhood. I was in grade three or four when school lunch program was first introduced to public schools in Korea. 감자채볶음 was one of the popular banchans that eventually pleased even the pickiest kids. I for one already loved it as this was also my mother’s go-to

Imun: The Oldest Restaurant in Korea

With the Japanese occupation followed by the Korean War, the peninsula had suffered countless loss of historic gems over the past hundred years. Many restaurants, eateries, and jumak (peasants’ bar), carrying memories and stories of ordinary people in history, disappeared in the ashes of destruction. That is why Imun is special. A sole

Hanwoo Beef Brisket Soup Since 1952

Mun Hwa Og may be just another old seolleongtang restaurant  in Seoul, but there are number of reasons why this place is worth a visit. Since its opening in 1952, the restaurant stood in the exact same spot for past sixty-five years, unlike other old restaurants on the list that were forced

Worst Smelling Korean Food: Cheonggukjang

Love it or hate it. The fast-fermented soybean paste is notorious for its stink but also a widely-known health food. The strong, pungent odour is the result of simple, brief fermentation process. The more popular dwenjang, fermented soybean paste, usually takes a lot longer to produce and can be preserved for longer

My First Try at Rock Beam Sashimi

While in Canada I suffered greatest craving of raw seafood.  There are sushi and sashimi in Canada as well and occasionally I would satisfy my appetite at all-you-can-eat sushi places (where they serve not-so-high quality sashimi but under reasonable price).  Although I loved the  raw fish served in Canada (especially sockeye salmon

Seol-Leong-Tang: A Winter Treat for Koreans

There is a place in Daejeon, South Korea that brings back memories from my childhood.  A restaurant that my family used to visit regularly is called Sinchon Selleongtang (신촌설렁탕).  An old, 24-hr diner is famous for traditional beef bone soup.  I have not been here for years but today I decided that

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