Life in Korea

After Watching the Korean Movie 국제시장 (Ode to My Father), 2014

국제시장 (pronounced Gook-Jae-Si-Jang) was indeed another great Korean masterpiece to begin the new year with.  A heart-warming drama that makes you laugh and cry throughout the film.  The press is already making a fuss about how 국제시장 will join the Ten Million Club (refers to Korean films that sold over 10,000,000 box office tickets) within

Dong So Ye's Famous Slow-Grilled Fish

There is a place in Daejeon that I have been meaning to try for months but failed.  We often drove by to only get a glimpse of a long line of hungry souls waiting for their turn.  Even in the scorching July heat people were still drawn to “Dong So Ye”, the

Grilled Dried Pollack with Sweet and Spicy Sauce

Korea loves seafood.  It is no surprise as the country is enclosed by the sea.  The ocean is abundant with variety of tasty sea creatures that had allowed our ancestors to survive over generations.  Out of many seafood items, pollock (or pollack) is downright one of the most popular and versatile fish

A Driver's Diner: Gisa Sikdang

Eating out is quite common in Korea.  It is not that we hate to cook at home but there are number of reasons that make eating-out sometimes more practical than fixing my own meal.  It is surprising how affordable eating-out can be in Korea.  This could be due to relatively low labor

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