Korean Vegan Cooking: Pan-Fried Julienne Fries

I remember school lunches from my childhood. I was in grade three or four when school lunch program was first introduced to public schools in Korea. 감자채볶음 was one of the popular banchans that eventually pleased even the pickiest kids. I for one already loved it as this was also my mother’s go-to

Seaweed Soup on My Mother's Birthday

February 23rd was my mother’s birthday.  Like a surprise gift, my sister flew in from Toronto just in time for celebration and for the first time in many years all four of our family members have gathered at our childhood home in Daejeon.  It felt nice and a little sad at the same time as I

Got What It Takes to Love Cheong-Guk-Jang?

Living in Korea, you might have not yet tried cheonggukjang but I am sure you have smelled it.  Cheong-guk-jang (청국장: fast-fermented bean paste) looks similar to dwenjang (된장: fermented bean paste) but we all admit that it smells hell of a lot stronger.  Even some native Koreans do not enjoy cheonggukjang due

Making Holiday Foods: Skewered Beef and Vegetables

After the harsh labor on Lunar New Year’s Day I passed out and slept through most of the day on February 20th.  Now I understand why there is such thing called myoung-jeol who-yoo-jeung (명절후유증: holiday aftereffects) in Korea.  In the past, holiday celebrations were held in much larger scale and women who

Spring is Here (Almost). Try Seasoned Shepherd's Purse.

In Korea, you may realize that winter has passed by the change of your dinner menu.  As the springtime comes, Koreans enjoy consuming bom-na-mul (봄나물: wild spring herbs) such as naeng-i (냉이: shepherd’s purse), dal-lae (달래: wild chive), sook (쑥: mugwort), and so on.  Koreans believe that foods that are in season are the

Make Spicy Jokbal Bokeum with Leftover Pig's Feet

Korea is the heaven on earth when it comes to food delivery.  There are so many varieties to choose from and many places operate 24/7.  One of the popular late-night snacks to deliver to your home is jokbal (족발: glazed pig’s feet).  A classic Korean favorite, pig’s feet are cleaned then boiled

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