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A Trip to Pohang and Mori Noodles for Breakfast

Our two-day trip to Pohang was accompanied by locals, friends of a friend who were born and grew up in this beautiful coastal city that is now one of the leaders of steelworks industry in Korea. An actor friend who now lives and works in Seoul was originally from Guryongpo (구룡포), a small
A Foodie's Guide

Must Eat in Mokpo, South Korea: Pork Bone Soup

Our weekend bike trip to Youngsan-gang (영산강) was a great way to end this season. I haven’t been riding much since the eastcoast ride I had done over last Thanksgiving week. My bike had been sitting in the corner of my yard and was literally being covered in spider web. So being able
A Foodie's Guide

Must Eat in Korea: Herb Sausages (Sundae)

Back in August I visited 2016 Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. I got to taste a variation of Korean sausage that I had never seen anywhere else before. Because Jecheon is a city famous for its abundant medicinal herbs, a restaurant was clever enough to utilize local products to create a
Homemade Life in Korea

Life in Korea: Kimchi Workshop

Another late posting as this happened back in November. One Saturday morning I invited over a few friends and we made kimchi from scratch – yes, we have officially done  gimjang.  Gimjang is an annual tradition for typical Korean family that seems to be dying these days like many other traditions.  Back in the
Life in Korea

[Hiking in Korea] Sikjangsan in Snow

Daejeon Hiking Group‘s February 2016 hiking took place in eastern part of the city.  Sikjangsan (식장산) is an easy access from public transit and has several hiking courses that are far from a challenge. Our group on Sunday had beginning hikers so it was a perfect opportunity to try out this neighborhood mountain.
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3-Days Winter Bike Trip in Korea

I do not consider myself a skilled bike rider.  I got my first cycle only last spring as a mere means of transportation after I returned to Korea (I did not want to get myself into a tragedy of driving on Korean roads). However, as I grew more comfortable on two wheels I became more ambitious
Life in Korea

Gyeryongsan Winter Hiking

After a self-satisfying attempt at a winter hiking in Sutonggol, the hiking group’s next target was naturally the extension of our most recent achievement.  As I mentioned in previous post, Sutonggol Valley, although extremely convenient and popular hiking destination for locals, is a mere tip of a chain of peaks known as Gyeryongsan
Life in Korea

Winter Hiking in Sutonggol, Daejeon

Here’s a bit of a late posting on my recent hiking in Daejeon, South Korea. This was my first winter hiking and needless to say that I’ve enjoyed it more than the times I came to Sutonggol (수통골) in spring.  So far, the winter of 15/16 has been unusually warm and when we

Seaweed Soup on My Mother's Birthday

February 23rd was my mother’s birthday.  Like a surprise gift, my sister flew in from Toronto just in time for celebration and for the first time in many years all four of our family members have gathered at our childhood home in Daejeon.  It felt nice and a little sad at the same time as I

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