Giant Seafood Pizza with Long Arm Octopus Topping

On a Friday, mom and I drove all the way to city of Uiwang in Gyeonggi-do province to visit my grandmother.  It is about a 1.5 hour drive from Daejeon but on our way back an accident on highway and local traffic combined has caused us to stay on road for nearly

All That Retro, Saemaeul Sikdang (새마을식당)

We love to stay adventurous but at the same time we tend to go back to where we came from, looking for that familiarity and comfort of the good old times.  Founded by the star chef Jong-won Baek, Saemaeul Sikdang takes the patrons on a time travel and places them right in

Healthy Kimchi Fried Rice with Spring Herbs

  Kimchi fried rice is my go-to recipe whenever I get hungry but there is not much to eat in the fridge.  All you need is cold leftover rice, kimchi (as a Korean I always got some in my fridge!) and any vegetables you got in hands.  Nowadays I make steamed barley rice

Grilled Short Rib Patties in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do

Last Sunday, my parents and I decided to go for a little drive out of the city.  Less than an hour away is a small city called Iksan (익산시), located in the province of Jeollabuk-do.  Today’s destination was solely based on my father’s suggestion.  He has been eager to try the famous

Maru Chirashi Don at Lotte Department Store, Daejeon

Last Sunday was the day that mom and I spent almost entire day at Lotte Department Store in Daejeon, Korea.  I never realized but it is physically painful to spend hours in an enclosed space that is crowded with Sunday shoppers.  At least we ended the day watching a great movie called 국제시장

Dong So Ye's Famous Slow-Grilled Fish

There is a place in Daejeon that I have been meaning to try for months but failed.  We often drove by to only get a glimpse of a long line of hungry souls waiting for their turn.  Even in the scorching July heat people were still drawn to “Dong So Ye”, the

Grilled Dried Pollack with Sweet and Spicy Sauce

Korea loves seafood.  It is no surprise as the country is enclosed by the sea.  The ocean is abundant with variety of tasty sea creatures that had allowed our ancestors to survive over generations.  Out of many seafood items, pollock (or pollack) is downright one of the most popular and versatile fish

A Driver's Diner: Gisa Sikdang

Eating out is quite common in Korea.  It is not that we hate to cook at home but there are number of reasons that make eating-out sometimes more practical than fixing my own meal.  It is surprising how affordable eating-out can be in Korea.  This could be due to relatively low labor

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