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Hanbok Street at Daejeon Jungang Market

If you are traveling to Korea, one place that I would recommend you to visit is a jaerae sijang (재래시장: traditional Korean marketplace).  Also known as jeontong sijang, the traditional markets are located throughout the peninsula and most of them are open to public year-around.  I personally enjoy shopping at sijang rather than
Life in Korea

Getting Around in Korea: T-Money Card

If you live in Seoul then you should be familiar with one and only transportation card T-Money.  The Smart Card system has been used in Metropolitan Seoul for decade and finally in 2011 was integrated in Daejeon’s public transit.  The card can be used on city bus, subway, taxi and also as

Grilled Short Rib Patties in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do

Last Sunday, my parents and I decided to go for a little drive out of the city.  Less than an hour away is a small city called Iksan (익산시), located in the province of Jeollabuk-do.  Today’s destination was solely based on my father’s suggestion.  He has been eager to try the famous

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