Seasoned Squid Legs.  Deep-fried.
Another treat for a Friday night and an excuse to grab a frosty jug of draft beer.

A joint in Do-an dong (도안동) is fresh and clean just like the neighborhood.  Do-an is a newly-developed residential area in Daejeon, Korea where the majority of population is considered young and trendy.  Lately, mom like to hang out with her friends in this part of the town.  I guess that is a trend as well among middle-aged ladies.  Mom and her friends would go indoor golfing equipped with simulator screens (which has been a popular indoor sport/entertainment in Korea for years now).

After finishing a round of digitized 18-holes, mom and her gang would stroll down to a place called Ojingeo Nara (오징어나라) for drinks.  As the name suggests, the place serves various seafood dishes including those made of fresh squid.  Her all-time favorite is seasoned and deep-fried fresh squid legs.  Last time, she packed and brought back some leftover and my dad ended up inhaling the reheated squid legs (you know how fried stuffs are not as good when they got cold then reheated? Well, that is not the case for my dad).  Ever since then my dad wished to take me to this “squid land” (literal translation of Ojingeo Nara) when I get back to Korea.  Barely a week has passed since I have landed and here I am with my parents for a little Friday night treat.

Fried Squid Legs
These deep-fried squid legs are salty and savory. A perfect companion for a frosty pint.

The fried squid legs served here is salty and savory.  A perfect combination of flavor to go along with a cold jug of draft beer.  I  found the squid a bit too salty for my taste but overall the seasoning was flavorful.  The legs are not medium-length (not as long as typical “Korean” squid but longer than those of a calamari’s).  No sauce is necessary but I enjoyed them with a little kick from spicy pickled chilies.