Nowadays, we only prefer barley rice at home.  I add Job’s tears as well because I have read that it is effective for skin troubles such as eczema.  Barley rice is not as sticky as regular Korean steamed rice and it is great for making a bibimbap.  If the rice is too sticky it will not mix well with other ingredients.  In my father’s generation, many Koreans did not have enough to eat and lived in poverty.  Many families sustained themselves with barley rice as it was cheap and easily accessible.  Without meat or fish, people would take fermented bean paste and mix it up with barley rice.  The grain might symbolize the hardship that our parents went through, but now it is also recognized as a healthy diet.


Barley Rice
Spring Mix Salad
Sesame Leaves
Korean Chili Paste (Gochujang)
Sesame Oil

Slice the cucumber and chop the sesame leaves.  In a big bowl, add warm barley rice then top it with prepared vegetables.  Place an over-easy egg.  Adjust the amount of sauce to your taste then mix it all up to enjoy!