This is one place that I miss in Daejeon already. Chicken and beer is everyone’s favourite in Korea but from so many different varieties that I’ve tasted this place in Daejeon was surely one of a kind.

Charcoal-grilled chicken coughing up thick clouds of smoke

Daejeon Tongdak, literally meaning Daejeon chicken, operates in its own building in Yuseong district of Daejeon. They do have good old regular fried chicken and half-and-half with sweet and sour sauce. However, the signature of this place is charcoal-grilled chicken, with or without sauce.

Because the chicken wasn’t deep fried, it is much lighter and more flavourful than traditional Korean-style chicken. I would normally go for the one with sauce but for this place, I always prefer the good old fashion grilled chicken with simple salt.

However, it does not mean that the sauce isn’t good. The red sauce is sweet and spicy at the same time and has a kick that goes well with frosty glass of beer.

There are so many places to eat near my place in Seoul but somehow I miss this colourful building so much. Nothing can beat the good memories you had with friends and family at neighbourhood eatery. I shall venture to find such places here in Seoul.