Traditional Jeju-Style Sundae in Hot Pot

Korean sausage is simply stuffed and steamed pork intestine. There are different regional variations of sundae (pronounced soon-day). Cheonan’s byeongcheon sundae, Yongin’s baekam sundae, and Sokcho’s Abai sundae are few of the popular selections.

Jeju island also has its own sausage recipe. The biggest island in South Korea is famous its local cuisine. Jeju sundae made with 100% Jejusian pork is one of them.

Gwangmyeong Restaurant in Dongmun Marketplace is a place to taste Jeju sundae. Like may other popular eateries in Jeju, the place has been featured on media many times.

I arrived early to avoid the lunch hour. An ajussi is working with steamed pork chunks in front of the store. They look freshly cooked, and the steam filled the alleyway leading to the market.

Rice in Soup with Pork Sausages and Organs

Soup with rice in it

For the sausage soup, you have two options: soup with added rice or rice on the side. It is W1,000 more if you decide to go with separate rice bowl. Regardless of the price, it is recommended to go with option A. Have the rice already in your soup bowl. Gukbap is a cultural reference of traditional Korean market. Having the soup and rice served together in a same bowl represents convenience and efficiency.

Salted shrimp for extra seasoning

The W7,000 gukbap is served with simple side dishes. One thing stands out: a small bowl of salted shrimp. The lady tells me to season the soup with it if needed. Instead of adding it to the soup, I ended up using the salted shrimp as a dipping sauce for my sundae.

There are three sausages in the soup, and lots of pork organs. The sweet rice sundae is so soft that it almost melt away in your mouth. I learned later that you get a few more sundaes if you order the gukbap without organs.  You can also get a plate of sliced sausages only.

Sundae is one of those Korean foods that is liked or disliked even by Koreans. Many foreigners say that they have negative experience with sundae. Part of the reasons could be that it is difficult to find authentic products. Many chain restaurants in the cities sell mass-produced, frozen sundae that brings down its name.

Gwangmyeong Restaurant 광명식당
9 Dongmun-ro 4-gil, Ildo 1(il)-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do