I was intrigued by the name of the coffee shop “Gojong’s Morning”. The positive reviews online got me even more excited. The cafe is conveniently close to Seoul Arts Center, just across from the street. It is simply natural that I was drawn to little joint a few hours before the show.

Gojong, the first emperor and last king of Joseon Dynasty, was known as a coffee lover. The era was shortly before Japanese occupation in Korean peninsula. Joseon had been isolating itself from western culture for hundreds of years. However, under the pressure of Japanese force, the country’s exposure to modernization was inevitable.

According to historical record, coffee had been around in Korea since as early as late 1800s. There are rumours that Gojong was the first Korean to taste coffee but it is an unidentifiable theory. There are artifacts in museum such as Gojong’s silver teaspoon that he used for coffee-drinking.

With such history in mind, the name of the coffee shop was indeed brilliant. Although the place has no significant connection to Gojong and his fond of coffee, I still loved the name. I could picture the morning of unfortunate, soon-to-be-dethroned king of Joseon starting his day with a cup of coffee like most of us do today.

At Gojong’s Morning, you can choose between pour over coffee or espresso drinks. An order of drink per person is required. A second cup of house-blended or espresso costs only a dollar–quite a good deal if single cup of coffee in one seating is never enough for you.

With every drink a freshly-baked cookie is served. The chewy, moist goodie is perfect with strong cup of house-blended. The cookie is also sold for W1,000.

A nice place to kill time before a show at Seoul Arts Center.

Gojong’s Morning 고종의아침
1449-8, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul